Support Service
Zipang Casino is dedicated to giving the best customer service available to online gamblers. Our support teams operate 365 days a year and are available by email, chat.

Emails will be answered immediately where possible, but small delays may occur during busy periods.

Chat window will open when you click on the button of ONLINE SUPPORT in casino client, and we will be glad to assist you!

Please do not use HOTMAIL account upon registration

Using HOTMAIL e-mail account upon registration on our casino is not advisable for our e-mails will automatically go under the bulk mail folder and not on your messages folder. This may cause some trouble like time period of receiving our e-mail and / or failure to receive. E-mails are very important to both of our sides; it is also one way of communicating with our customers. We send and inform promotions, verifications and other related concerns through your registered e-mail address for your privacy and security purposes.